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Mix It Up

Secret Santa society of mixers: International Mixtape Project.

Tiny Mix Tapes
. The Automatic mixtape generator.

I can't blog about mixtapes without mentioning the single best thing I received for Valentine's Day...ever: Exopolis Inc.'s mixtape. (Eternal thanks to K8 for that one. It rocked our world and about 20 of our friends who "got it".)

Did you miss the hype this Spring? Make your own mixtape of SXSW artists.

Mixtape: The Art of Casstte Culture.

I heart cassettes.


Blogger kate said...

Just an update on the Exo mix (which I swore I would somehow get on CD) -- I've got all Charlie's vocal tracks captured, now I just need to get the rest of the music. Unfortunately, it being hot as hell out in the blazing summer, either my fan or my AC is always generating background noise, so... I'll try again the next cool night. ROCK ON, EXO!

7/11/2006 11:59 PM  

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