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Hello, My Name Is Grup.

Okay, it's official. I'm a Grup. I fit the description in the article (minus the kid part of the equation). Although I'll admit, I've seen onesies with skull and crossbones that I found appropriate and cute...and if I was a breeder, I might purchase one for my offspring.

When I saw the Editors in concert
, I did notice the mixed age of the crowd. I'll admit, ultimately decided that I liked the band based on their reminiscent sound. I wonder if the younger concert-goers realized why their parents wanted to join them so badly.

I also want to attempt to make this iPod cozy and think this is an awesome IM accessory.

When I turned 29 on the 2nd and realized I own a shirt marketed to young teens, I felt a wee bit embarrassed. Eh,whatever. I also wanted to celebrate my birthday by going roller skating but was foiled because, apparently, the kids just aren't into it these days and there are no local rinks.

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Blogger kate said...

Dude, you need to move to NYC. I had a roller party for my 30th and the rink was HOPPIN'. Of course, I promptly fell and broke my elbow, so the gruppy evening had kind of a geriatric end, alas.

Meanwhile, rock on GRUPS. See, I told you. :) I felt pretty damn pegged by that article. I'd totally skull out a wee one. And I had to go shopping for clothes in order to have wedding appropriate attire for last weekend, b/c at this point all I own are jeans (and the ONE nice outfit that I put on when I have to look like an adult for interviews and meetings and things). Sigh.

7/05/2006 11:41 AM  

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