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Sounds for Summer Solstice

(Say that 5x fast...ha!)
Live Plasma. Discover a universe of music (and movies) you will enjoy.
Then go to Pandora and make a radio channel based on your favorite tunes.

More '80s videos. Click here, if you missed the last batch.

Ever wonder how vinyl records are made?

Alice Wang's Audio Sticks explore the possibilities of marketing music in the mp3 era.

Headlights-Kill Them With Kindness. Perfect for summer daydreaming.

Is old news bad, if it's still good news? Yes, I am probably the gazillionth blogger to post about Lily Allen. She's a bit of Lady Sovereign, a bit Frente!, a bit reggae, a dash of britpop and has given Gwen Stefani's mashed up sound that not-so-fresh feeling.

Speaking of mash-ups...A-ha + Jay-Z=Brilliant.

The ultimate mash-up.1958-2006 Chart toppers.


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