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I heart '90s NY

After blogging Towa Tei's, German Bold Italic, I started wondering about what happened to his former muse, Lady Miss Kier. (What was life like before Google?Hmmm.We could probably google it...) I'm happy to report that she's still "causing it" in NYC. Her website has new and old mp3s, videos and streams of some of her DJing sets. She's also on Myspace. How do you say Deee-Groovy?

Recently, I asked a friend about the whereabouts of another iconic '90s New Yorker, Parker Posey. Although she has had an interesting career as the lead and strong supporting character in many an idependent film, Hollywood constantly casts her as the off-beat or sardonic sidekick who gets little screen time. So, what gives? New York Magazine fills us in on what Ms. Posey is up to these days. Thankfully, it's not just giving people the only reason to see Supermeh.

Since I'm on the topic of icons and NYC, I hope New York is enjoying the beginning of Madge's visit and cracking the Madonna Code. Bitches.


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