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Get Your Groove On

The Brand New Heavies brand new album is available to stream online. It's already in stores in the US. I'm going to buy mine this weekend. It's funkdelicious! I dare you not to get your groove on. N'dea will MAKE you shake that booty. Go on, girl!
Oh, and of course...there's a myspace page.

Get your Summer Madness on. The Gorilla vs. Bear link at the bottom of the page links to a post including the free EP, Chocolate Swim featuring Lady Sovereign, Mos Def and others.

trashfan.com Yes, another '80s video link.

Looking for a good radio station to stream while you are on your computer? Try Live365. You can search by genre or artist. So far, these are my picks:

'80s Hits==NEW WAVE


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