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Get Your Groove On

The Brand New Heavies brand new album is available to stream online. It's already in stores in the US. I'm going to buy mine this weekend. It's funkdelicious! I dare you not to get your groove on. N'dea will MAKE you shake that booty. Go on, girl!
Oh, and of course...there's a myspace page.

Get your Summer Madness on. The Gorilla vs. Bear link at the bottom of the page links to a post including the free EP, Chocolate Swim featuring Lady Sovereign, Mos Def and others.

trashfan.com Yes, another '80s video link.

Looking for a good radio station to stream while you are on your computer? Try Live365. You can search by genre or artist. So far, these are my picks:

'80s Hits==NEW WAVE


I heart '90s NY

After blogging Towa Tei's, German Bold Italic, I started wondering about what happened to his former muse, Lady Miss Kier. (What was life like before Google?Hmmm.We could probably google it...) I'm happy to report that she's still "causing it" in NYC. Her website has new and old mp3s, videos and streams of some of her DJing sets. She's also on Myspace. How do you say Deee-Groovy?

Recently, I asked a friend about the whereabouts of another iconic '90s New Yorker, Parker Posey. Although she has had an interesting career as the lead and strong supporting character in many an idependent film, Hollywood constantly casts her as the off-beat or sardonic sidekick who gets little screen time. So, what gives? New York Magazine fills us in on what Ms. Posey is up to these days. Thankfully, it's not just giving people the only reason to see Supermeh.

Since I'm on the topic of icons and NYC, I hope New York is enjoying the beginning of Madge's visit and cracking the Madonna Code. Bitches.


Inspired Design

The Robot Assemblage. A call for creative robot sticker designs. More information here and here. Here's some inspirational robot inspired music.

Bar Code Revolution.Musings of how bar codes can be functional and brand marketing specific.

When dance music and typeface meet: Kylie Minogue sexes up German Bold Italic.


I Believe in Science, Do You?

"The Tree of Life design celebrates the theory of evolution and was created to give a voice to those who favor traditional biology and oppose the growing American support of various forms of creationism." If you like the design and agree with the above statement, click here, to find out more. There's also a myspace page if you believe in science and are social networking inclined.


Sounds for Summer Solstice

(Say that 5x fast...ha!)
Live Plasma. Discover a universe of music (and movies) you will enjoy.
Then go to Pandora and make a radio channel based on your favorite tunes.

More '80s videos. Click here, if you missed the last batch.

Ever wonder how vinyl records are made?

Alice Wang's Audio Sticks explore the possibilities of marketing music in the mp3 era.

Headlights-Kill Them With Kindness. Perfect for summer daydreaming.

Is old news bad, if it's still good news? Yes, I am probably the gazillionth blogger to post about Lily Allen. She's a bit of Lady Sovereign, a bit Frente!, a bit reggae, a dash of britpop and has given Gwen Stefani's mashed up sound that not-so-fresh feeling.

Speaking of mash-ups...A-ha + Jay-Z=Brilliant.

The ultimate mash-up.1958-2006 Chart toppers.


Where The Day Takes You

3 years in 3 minutes.

Bateman365 .An animated film a day for a year.

Marvelous, Keen, Loony Bin. Beautiful, haunting and most of all, silly.



If The Onion took over NPR, you'd have Irrational Public Radio.



The Wurst Gallery.Each artist was asked to find a framed piece of artwork at their local thrift store and manipulate it into a piece of their own.
Collage A Day.A Collage a Day is an ongoing project that involves creating and posting a new 4" x 4" collage to this site every day. Each collage is offered for sale.

Jackson Pollock
generator. There appears to be a bit of controversy over this generator. See the full details here.

Mr.PicassoHead A picasso generator that lets you explore your abstract, cubist and blue periods. (Multiple female admirers not included.)


Obligatory Hoff

I can just hear KITT saying, "Oh.Michael." whilst rolling his headlights...Apparently not realizing his popularity in America is deeply rooted in 80's nostalgia and kitsch camp appeal, David Hasselhoff mistakes Americans and Brits for the Germans. Also not realizing that Americans have already forgotten his American Idol cameo, for which he looked strikingly similar to Mrs. Doubtfire.

Hot, white hot. Move over Sean Connery, Hoff's a Secret Agent Man....I can't even keep a straight face as I type that. Around the 1 minute mark things get out of control.

Oh dear god. No one is safe. Not even the Jamaicans.

I'm Hooked on a Feeling. It's somewhere between asphyxiation from laughter and nausea. Must be from mentos overload.

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