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Time Squander Enabler

Spock-Kirk-Ken-Doll mashup:
Cribs: Vulcan Edition, Intergalactic Karaoke, Star Bucks, Captain Kirk, cabana boy.

DIY finger puppet. I remember doing that. I just never took photos...I mean...I never did that.

I found out about Eugene Mirman's website years ago. Then I lost track of it. This weekend, I stumbled across it in some hyperlink rabbit hole. I'm loving the new songs and the old favorites...all sung by a creepy photograph. Oh, and I just noticed that he's added other work on the site as well. Hmm. Maybe after one more song?...

Pop Bios (without the boring bits). My picks: Madge & Robbie.

Looking for a living space in a central location? Pay your rent in quarters, nickels and dimes. Parking Space. ...Too bad you can never get parking in DC.

The night life of Billboards

Fuck. This sounds awesome to me. I'm such a dork.
It's a nerd triple whammy. Star Wars + Legos + gaming.


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Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!

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