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Ah, summertime. Time to indulge in refreshments. (Blame the heat.)

Cork'd is a clever idea. It's a online wine community. You can set up a journal tracking the wines you've tasted, note how you rated them, place wines on your wishlist and discover which of your friends' wine cellars houses you should raid invite yourself over to. A great place for wine aficionados to meet, as well as school the unlearned grape-curious, like me. Sweet. (...with an oaky finish.)

Bottlenotes. The Netflix business model applied to wines.

If you are all alone with your glass of wine, you should amuse yourself with an issue of the new beverage-centric publication, Imbibe. I picked up an issue, and I have to say that my interest is piqued. The magazine incorporates a variety of articles on culture, travel, design, environmental sustainability, recipes, all woven together by a common focal point: the beverage. A great thing about the magazine is that it is obsessively informative and yet, not pretentious. It's also surprisingly light on advertisements. Perfect for beach reading.


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