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A Woman Scorned, a rant.

Madonna didn't have to bully me for my lunch rent money, I was going to give it away willingly (otherwise, my inner gay man was going to cut me). That was until Ticketmaster foiled my plans...that, and the swarm of rabid fans also silly enough to spend so much of their hard earned cash for a glimpse of her fabulousness.

I thought fate would let me score some mid-range quality seats on my birthday. (Insert game show buzzer here.) At two separate moments I had my hands on some pretty good Philadelphia seats for (just) under $200. But I think I spent too much time on the seating map dreaming of glitter and spandex because I timed out. Twice.

I swear that the 2 minutes they give you to book is more like 2 seconds. I kept having to type in the trippy nonsensical words you have to enter anytime you make a ticket order. Why not have real words (okay, some are) and definitions, so I can boost my vocabulary while I click incessently for a pair of tickets that are under $300? ...you know, so I can balance my stupidity with some knowledge.

The only last time I saw Madonna in concert, I had a raging fever. (And those people in ICON think they are fans.) I had to sit for much of the show. But I was going to get my $100+ worth out of the show, damn it. I've got my fingers crossed for added tour dates, Coachella and better luck. My IGM can't be the only gay in the village without tix!


Blogger kate said...

hey, i thought my IGM was the only gay in the village without tix... maybe myfanwy can score us some. ;)

4/12/2006 2:03 AM  

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