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Time is not on my side

I thought I was ready to embark on an expansion of my blog by making a sister blog dedicated to vegan/vegetarianism items, peppered with environmental tidbits. But, I'm just not ready to branch off... yet. My creativity boom is battling for time with daily minutia, sorting out what the hell to do with my life, and other sundry dramas. I've REALLY got to commit some extra time to reading blogs books and learning to crochet and silk screen. And to think, we are losing an hour tonight. *sigh*

Okay, so here is is part of (what was) my first Vegetablog (R.I.P.) post:
Vegan Firefighters! After reading the NYT story, head over to their website. They have recipes and fun vegan t-shirts for sale. I love how they've totally embraced veganism, but have not given up ham. (Thanks, k8!)


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