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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Sometimes you need to experience music in a specific environment to truly appreciate it. Often times, seeing a band live can make or break your impression of them. Or, it can just confuse you.

This Wednesday, I saw The Editors in concert. After seeing the show, I was on the fence about whether or not I liked their music for days afterwards. I had very minimal knowledge of the band prior to seeing them, entirely based on a friend's recommendation for me to check them out. I listened to the mp3s on their website and was excited to check out some nouveau new wave music when my friend won tickets to their show. The show was enjoyable, and I liked their sound, although it wasn't terribly original. Both my friend and I were distracted by the fact that each song seemed to be various older songs (by other artists) sewn together;a conclusion I had not arrived at earlier in the day. Reviews of The Editors debut album and subsequent shows share my uncertainty of immediate acceptance. In the end, I've decided that I dig their sound, even if it is a mashup of older new wave.


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