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Pour Some Sugar On Me

All in the name of science.

Chocolate Nests. Almost good for you...almost...enough that you can justify just one more...

Turducken. I had never heard of this dish...thanks, K8. Even the candy version looks like it tastes like it sounds. Disgusting on all accounts. I'm very disturbed by all the carcass stuffing...even in candy form. ew.

Okay, I have to absolve myself for posting about Turducken (since even the Peeps aren't veg)by linking to a nice Vegan (Easter themed) Lunchbox. I wonder if JenniferSchmoo wants to adopt a 20something...

Hmmm...I also wonder if the marshmallow mix in the WS's DIY Peep kit is vegetarian. Maybe the plush Peeps I saw at CVS will go on deep discount after Sunday.

Heh heh. Still funny.


Blogger kate said...

Ok, this time I actually AM drunk (though my IGM is sadly sober), and I admit that after all this turducken nonsense I wandered into a Duane Reade as I staggered home just now and saw a Peep inside a chocolate egg -- like, that's the packaging. So half the work is done. Now all I need to do is find a Cadbury egg to shove up the ass of that Peep and VOILA.

The sad thing is that I'm only in this (well, aside from the inebriatory reasons) for the oddity and assembly factor. I hate Peeps. Give me marshmallows straight up without that cracketty ass sugar dust all over them, please. And turducken is a disgusting concept. Yet here I am. Wasted and playing with candy. WOOOOOO! hahaha

4/15/2006 2:07 AM  
Blogger kate said...

Oh, the Cadbury eggs were all sold out, btw. Well, in the Village, anyway. I think people are doing this at home, man. It's not just me here in Siberia with my weird ideas.

4/15/2006 2:08 AM  
Blogger kate said...

The morning after (well, 24 hours later anyway)... shame. But I figured, I'd started the trajectory towards wrong, so might as well complete the trip. Today I found a Cadbury egg, and just now unwrapped all the foil, busted out a kitchen knife, parted the marshmallow and went for it.

I created the candy turducken.

I took a bite of this monstrosity.

I threw up almost instantly from the poisonous effects of high-octane pure sugar and from the psychologal damage that was a part of the creation of this candy frankenstein. The carcass of my concoction has now been removed to the trash chute.

Lesson learned. Blech.

4/15/2006 10:54 PM  

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