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Left Right Left

I've always had my interests split between science and the arts. This made things very frustrating when trying to decide on a major in college (Theatre). In the end, my right brain won over my left (which settled for a minor concentration in environmental science and public policy). Twinoo did nothing to settle the score. Technically, my left brain ("Sweet revenge!muhahaha..."--*g's left brain) kept winning by 3-4 points, but it still was a close call.Lefty:
(The following links brought to you by Inkycircus. I had lots of Inkycircus links stored up to share. You should really just check out the blog. It's awesome.)

Physics tested with chocolate chips. This is serious stuff.

Rock Yeti lobster. All decked out in white fur and ready for a night on the town ocean ridge.

This one's for the girls:
wow. While I am on the subject, this is a very interesting read. Make sure to link to the Gladwell argument.

Don't know what to do with that extra foreign currency you have left over after your trip abroad? Make art.

DIY drive-in.

Flowers and Butterflies not your thing? How about this DIY tissue cozy. It would be hilarious if you could add some sort of audio trigger, so a wookie yell goes off everytime a tissue is pulled.lol.

Hyperbolic Coral Reef...crochet.

Balloon animals molecules

Art in a petri dish.


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