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Geeks and Sleep

Rock out, with your ASCII out. [Inky Circus]

Drama Geek Impressionist Scene Study 101 . I recommend "The Princess Bride" and "Breakfast Club".

Okay. I am totally cashed out and am in desperate need of some beauty zzzz's. I had two teens call me ma'am tonight, so I need to slather on the night cream and dream peaceful, non-wrinkly dreams. teens effing suck.


Blogger kate said...

our old programmer once cornered me and waxed rhapsodic about his days as a young geekling PRINTING OUT ASCII PORN. he'd print it out on that old computer paper with the holes on the sides, tape it up to the wall, cross the room, and SQUINT at it to be able to see the image while he then transported himself to whatever masturbatory heights his early 80s self could manage. ASCII, man... ASCII. whatever, i guess the bottom line is that alphabetically constructed breasts are still breasts:

4/01/2006 9:18 AM  

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