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Wasting Time

What's your Personal DNA?

Just Say No to the Paparazzi. So Wrong...and yet, Highly addictive.

Get drunk and try to walk straight with the Mitchell Brothers.

The evil balancing act that is mass marketing fast food. I am certain the game is set up so you can't win. Mmm. Poignant.

Stortroopers. A long time favorite.

...Or, if you decide you'd prefer to dress celebs. I find this humorous and kind of creepy all at once.
Don't forget to Go Outside.(K8's great.) It's Spring! Woo!


Coachella Couchella

If you are like me and are upset that you won't be joining in on the fun in Cali this weekend, you can stream the Coachella festivities (and sigh longingly) in the comfort of your own home.


Net Neutrality

Please consider visiting the links below, and signing the petition at Moveon.org. If you are reading this blog, this issue affects you.

NPR: "Internet Debate:Preserving User Parity"

Do you buy books online, use Google, or download to an Ipod? These activities will be hurt if Congress passes a radical law that gives giant corporations more control over the Internet.

Internet providers like AT&T and Verizon are lobbying Congress hard to gut Network Neutrality, the Internet's First Amendment. Net Neutrality prevents AT&T from choosing which websites open most easily for you based on which site pays AT&T more. Amazon.com doesn't have to outbid Barnes & Noble for the right to work more properly on your computer.

Politicians don't think we are paying attention to this issue. Many of them take campaign checks from big telecom companies and are on the verge of selling out to people like AT&T's CEO, who openly says, "The internet can't be free."

The free and open Internet is under seige--can you sign this petition letting your member of Congress know you support preserving Network Neutrality? Click here.

A list of all the ways you might be affected by Net Neutrality is located on the bottom of this link along with links to news coverage of this issue.


Left Right Left

I've always had my interests split between science and the arts. This made things very frustrating when trying to decide on a major in college (Theatre). In the end, my right brain won over my left (which settled for a minor concentration in environmental science and public policy). Twinoo did nothing to settle the score. Technically, my left brain ("Sweet revenge!muhahaha..."--*g's left brain) kept winning by 3-4 points, but it still was a close call.Lefty:
(The following links brought to you by Inkycircus. I had lots of Inkycircus links stored up to share. You should really just check out the blog. It's awesome.)

Physics tested with chocolate chips. This is serious stuff.

Rock Yeti lobster. All decked out in white fur and ready for a night on the town ocean ridge.

This one's for the girls:
wow. While I am on the subject, this is a very interesting read. Make sure to link to the Gladwell argument.

Don't know what to do with that extra foreign currency you have left over after your trip abroad? Make art.

DIY drive-in.

Flowers and Butterflies not your thing? How about this DIY tissue cozy. It would be hilarious if you could add some sort of audio trigger, so a wookie yell goes off everytime a tissue is pulled.lol.

Hyperbolic Coral Reef...crochet.

Balloon animals molecules

Art in a petri dish.


Muse Sick for Springtime


Have you heard of Office? You can thank me later. While you are sleuthing new tunes, check out The Research.

Are you too lazy to make a mixtape? m3 online just released m3 Volume 8. I highly recommend the other volumes and mini volumes. Thanks to m3 Dance Dance edition, I found Euromotion's "Don't Tell Me Your Name" and "Dance Move Burglar". It's so mentos! I love it.

Erasure's new sound. My inner gay man is elated.

Nina Persson covers The White Stripes.

It's enough to make you dance.

Food for Thought

Play with your food. Yeah, yeah, I know my age. What's your point?

Supersize your snacks.



The candy necklace grows up.

The Naked Chef wants to hear from you. Please tell him to write a Veggie/Vegan cookbook. I love his books. They celebrate the simplicity and joy in cooking. I always end up drooling over his veg dishes whilst trying not to lose my appetite quickly flipping past the meat dishes.



Reader meet author mechanical signing arm.

Looking for some new reading material? Find out what people with similar tastes read with this literature map. Brought to you by gnod. They have similar searches for music and movies.

Wordstock. The first time I ever thought, "I wish I lived in Portland."

Weird Fortune Cookies
. Unusual fortunes from real cookies.

The weight of words. Brought to you by Typorganism. Check out the site.


Pour Some Sugar On Me

All in the name of science.

Chocolate Nests. Almost good for you...almost...enough that you can justify just one more...

Turducken. I had never heard of this dish...thanks, K8. Even the candy version looks like it tastes like it sounds. Disgusting on all accounts. I'm very disturbed by all the carcass stuffing...even in candy form. ew.

Okay, I have to absolve myself for posting about Turducken (since even the Peeps aren't veg)by linking to a nice Vegan (Easter themed) Lunchbox. I wonder if JenniferSchmoo wants to adopt a 20something...

Hmmm...I also wonder if the marshmallow mix in the WS's DIY Peep kit is vegetarian. Maybe the plush Peeps I saw at CVS will go on deep discount after Sunday.

Heh heh. Still funny.


Bunny Blog

Don't eff with the Easter Bunny.

Peeps pasties.

The WereRabbit Lives!

The Bunny Apocalypse!



Let your fingers do the thugging: geek gang signs . Represent.

While you are at it, You might as well get a pimp name. Don't hate, congratulate.
The geek's ongoing battle with scoring...and I'm not referring to gaming.

Geek Graffiti

The Geek Trilogy:
My mission is to explore strange new worlds, and I think I will start with your bum.
Thirty is the new twenty. Apple looks sexier than ever.

Geeks break into the fashion world. I love the buttons.

Jesus and Taxes

All the cool kids are doing it...

*Starring NYC’s Miss Saturn and Trixie Little! *

Saturday, April 15th @ 8:00 p.m. One Night Only!

Celebrate the unholy collision of Easter, Passover, and Tax Day with a calamitous new comedic vaudeville show starring New York’s burlesque marvel Miss Saturn!

The Lobster Boy Revue promises to fill your Easter basket with hilarious new acts from Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey, Jesus Christ, the IRS, and the Easter Bunny. Hula-hooping hotties! Lobster Hunting Tips! Magical Tramps! Perverse Puppets! Fabulous prizes! Matzah! Watch out for perverted peeps and jellybean jokes! Only $15!

Lobster Boy’s Jesus and Taxes Show will be presented at Chief Ike’s Mambo Room; Saturday night, April 15th, at 8:00 p.m. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. Chief Ike’s is located at 1725 Columbia Road, N.W. in Adams Morgan. Admission is $15. Tickets are available at the door or in advance at www.lobsterboy.net. For more information, call (202) 462-6331.


A Woman Scorned, a rant.

Madonna didn't have to bully me for my lunch rent money, I was going to give it away willingly (otherwise, my inner gay man was going to cut me). That was until Ticketmaster foiled my plans...that, and the swarm of rabid fans also silly enough to spend so much of their hard earned cash for a glimpse of her fabulousness.

I thought fate would let me score some mid-range quality seats on my birthday. (Insert game show buzzer here.) At two separate moments I had my hands on some pretty good Philadelphia seats for (just) under $200. But I think I spent too much time on the seating map dreaming of glitter and spandex because I timed out. Twice.

I swear that the 2 minutes they give you to book is more like 2 seconds. I kept having to type in the trippy nonsensical words you have to enter anytime you make a ticket order. Why not have real words (okay, some are) and definitions, so I can boost my vocabulary while I click incessently for a pair of tickets that are under $300? ...you know, so I can balance my stupidity with some knowledge.

The only last time I saw Madonna in concert, I had a raging fever. (And those people in ICON think they are fans.) I had to sit for much of the show. But I was going to get my $100+ worth out of the show, damn it. I've got my fingers crossed for added tour dates, Coachella and better luck. My IGM can't be the only gay in the village without tix!


I Hit That Bitch with a Bat Phone

Smoking Gun tv provides a reenactment of what life is like as Naomi Campbell's assistant. It reminds me of Celebrity Death Match. In the wake of her most recent assistant beating, Naomi is being challenged to a real life throw-down.

I REALLY want one of these shirts.

You'd think that Nelson Mandela would talk some sense into her. Maybe he's too busy trying to sort out the super model snorting coke in his bathroom...


The Daily Goss

Whoa, Daddy. Moz would rather eat balls, than get seriously paid. Hmm. I suppose since he's referrring to his own we shouldn't infer anything...ahem.
I love how he decides to weigh in on the mess that is Pete Doherty...and then says that he doesn't care. Love you, Moz! Stay Bitchy 4eva.

Straight Outta Central Perk, Holla!

Throwing Horns is officially not punk rock.

It's knight unusual? Wow. That headline is as cheesy as his songs. Someone recently compared me to Carlton because I own a Tom Jones CD...What? It's awesome! And totally not unusual...The CD...not being compared to one of tv's biggest dorks. *sigh* lol.

Video Podcast...Obviously.

Ricky Gervais has a video podcast available at iTunes for free.(Thanks, Lisa!)

If you are familiar with the regular podcast series, it's more of the same, except you actually get to watch Ricky erupt into his hyena laugh and see Karl Pilkington ponder the absurd. iTunes is also offering an audio sampling ("Promocast") of Season 2. If you missed out on the Guardian Unlimited freebie sponsored Season 1, you can now buy them.

If you have OSX, there is a hilarious iPilkington widget you can download for your Dashboard.(Thanks, k8!)

From One Geek to Another

Do you have a defunct blog, but are just too attached to your posts or linkage to get rid of it? This is a great solution. Blurb also has options for publishing photo books, cookbooks and portfolios.

Magnoto is a simple way to post pictures and notes to keep people in the loop with what you are up to. I like the kitschy fridge magnet idea.

One of my favorite things to do when a new school year began, was to buy school supplies. This is a creative modernization of the pencil box.

On the topic of schooloffice supplies: I so need one of these. Oh yeah, and a box of these. The "Yo' Mama" notepads are pretty sweet too. See? I LURV schooloffice supplies!


I'm a *g, I'm a *g

Be a dork like me

The Crunk of the Irish

The Leprechaun comes out at night. If you read my post including linkage of the leprechaun in Mobile, AL, then I think you'll appreciate this. Of course the wee man knows how to get crunk, he's just a crackhead up in a tree, after all. (thanks to Ryan (again)for the link and to Gurj for the video/mp3 linkage).

NPR rocks

Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Yet another computer concert from All Songs Considered. Check out the various concerts they offer.



May the longing begin.

Good Lourdes! $354!?!


Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Sometimes you need to experience music in a specific environment to truly appreciate it. Often times, seeing a band live can make or break your impression of them. Or, it can just confuse you.

This Wednesday, I saw The Editors in concert. After seeing the show, I was on the fence about whether or not I liked their music for days afterwards. I had very minimal knowledge of the band prior to seeing them, entirely based on a friend's recommendation for me to check them out. I listened to the mp3s on their website and was excited to check out some nouveau new wave music when my friend won tickets to their show. The show was enjoyable, and I liked their sound, although it wasn't terribly original. Both my friend and I were distracted by the fact that each song seemed to be various older songs (by other artists) sewn together;a conclusion I had not arrived at earlier in the day. Reviews of The Editors debut album and subsequent shows share my uncertainty of immediate acceptance. In the end, I've decided that I dig their sound, even if it is a mashup of older new wave.


Time is not on my side

I thought I was ready to embark on an expansion of my blog by making a sister blog dedicated to vegan/vegetarianism items, peppered with environmental tidbits. But, I'm just not ready to branch off... yet. My creativity boom is battling for time with daily minutia, sorting out what the hell to do with my life, and other sundry dramas. I've REALLY got to commit some extra time to reading blogs books and learning to crochet and silk screen. And to think, we are losing an hour tonight. *sigh*

Okay, so here is is part of (what was) my first Vegetablog (R.I.P.) post:
Vegan Firefighters! After reading the NYT story, head over to their website. They have recipes and fun vegan t-shirts for sale. I love how they've totally embraced veganism, but have not given up ham. (Thanks, k8!)

Geeks and Sleep

Rock out, with your ASCII out. [Inky Circus]

Drama Geek Impressionist Scene Study 101 . I recommend "The Princess Bride" and "Breakfast Club".

Okay. I am totally cashed out and am in desperate need of some beauty zzzz's. I had two teens call me ma'am tonight, so I need to slather on the night cream and dream peaceful, non-wrinkly dreams. teens effing suck.

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