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Shake What Yo' Mama Gave Ya

I stumbled across these three wonderful little podcasts. They are more like virtual mixtapes than podcasts.

Not your cup of tea? Need to put a little more bass in your bump?

Collection getting blah? Need new tunes?

This is a great tool to spice up your itunes player-gives it a bit of a jukebox feel.

Do you remember when MTV used to play videos? Do you remember when VH1 used to be for old people? Yeah, i used to be young, too. Let's watch some videos and rock out. Madonna doesn't look age defying because she sat on her arse. Thirty is the new twenty, anyway, right?RIGHT?!?!?!

Music snobs unite . Love it.


Blogger kate said...

swatenoice!! gracias por la nueva musica, chica!
um... must be my return to threadless that is confusing my lingo. keey-riste.

3/14/2006 12:29 AM  

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