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The Saturday Post

No need to make shadow puppets if you have one of these. Actually, you could make a make a shadow dog to bark at the birds. What, you don't do that anymore?

I don't use toothpicks, but this could get me started. Swag of human hair and Berlitz's "Learn to Speak in Tongues" not included.

Oh, Japan. Can you do any wrong? You complete me my inner child. Aw, say it isn't so...How could you? The horror.

Does this look comfortable to you? I wonder how many Fruit of the Loom spokesfruit had to be killed to make one of these...*sigh*

This is THE STUPIDEST idea EVER. Any one who has the patience to put all the pieces back in the alarm, does not need an extreme alarm. In my apartment this would be a weapon of mass destruction. I pity da foo' who would be in the room when i woke up to that. Or the person whose car window would have a new puzzle alarm clock installed, with love, from five stories up. I'm serious about my sleep, bitch.


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