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Puff Puff Pass

Hollywood's stoners make a movie about drug use that audiences can watch while stoned and have an epiphany about drugs.Duuude.

That said, I'll see it to check out the awesome live-action rotoscopic animation. I'm a fan. I am REALLY looking forward to this.


Blogger kate said...

oh woman, don't get sucked in. rotoscoping (what you call "awesome live-action animation") is sneered at by real animators. it's bullshit cheating. lol myself and many others feel very strongly about this.

waking life was interesting though, but only because it was a marked collaboration of styles between many different animators, and because it was so "loose", as that article defines it. it's considered legit because it used rotoscoping to create something new, something we hadn't really seen before (at that point). up until then, rotoscoping had mainly been used as blasphemous inserts into legit animation (ex. the battle scenes in the rankin bass return of the king in the 70s, or the stampede in disney's lion king). this new one, though -- if you were just watching it as a straight film, would it hold up, without the distraction of unnecessary animation? in waking life the animation was used as it should be, to alter reality, to create fx that weren't possible with the regular camera, to create a dreamlike state. in this new one, the have stated that everything will be very realistic. wtf is the point? plus, what's with the horrible cast? all the rotoscoping in the world can't make winona, keanu and woody better actors. i am very wary of this film.

there is way too much ethan hawke in this post for me. linklater needs to disassociate. hawke is a joke. hopefully he won't ruin fast food nation (i'm looking forward to that as well).

sorry to be harsh -- i didn't get much sleep. *yawn*

3/22/2006 10:12 AM  
Blogger *g said...

Don't get me wrong, it's totally a rental. It's a movie for stoners to get off the couch to go see stoners on the big screen whilst high. And I suppose some 13 year old boys and/or 30 yr. old men will be there for Winona's bubbies.

Haha, lol woman. I KNEW you were going to blast me on the technical name. I fixed it for the purists, like yourself.*sigh*

Late night at Dressels?Hmm?

3/22/2006 10:53 AM  
Blogger kate said...

OMG. "She's a good actress, and she has amazing breasts." I guess if huge=amazing (which it may to the male brain, who the hell knows), then one of those statements is true.

"And even though Winona Ryder does appear topless in the film, there was no real nude Winona Ryder to begin with." That's basically exactly what I'm talking about -- wtf is the point? What sort of thin psychological line of modesty does she think she's walking on? Glad technology and artistic talent are going into creating a better fake drawn breast. Meanwhile, the animation is not being used to go beyond the boundaries of filmed entertainment. She could have gone topless. To many it will be exactly if she has. A gloss of surreality isn't enough to make this ok. ARGH.

Whatever, you know I'll rent it, like I rent everything else. Sigh.

No late night at Dressels, alas. Stomach flu. Me and the porcelain god, all night long (all night... all night -- I know you know that tune, Mr. Richie).

3/22/2006 2:11 PM  

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