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March (3.14)159265, 2006

Happy Pi Day! I recommend celebrating by watching the movie.

A valuable, cautionary tale...a catchy little tune as well.

March Madness
: It's all about the backup dancer.
My pick. More madness here. I gotta get a webcam...

...don't worry, i'm kidding.


Blogger kate said...

damn. i am thanking my lucky stars and yet somehow filled with regret that we didn't have the internet during my hammy adolescence. all we had was puttin' on the hits, for chrissake. and let me just say, i was maybe a bit tall, quiet and gangly as a young teen but when the lights dimmed, the fake mike came out and someone pressed play on the cassette boom box, i became a goddamn STAR. i mean, i used to have the lip syncing contest trophy at slumber parties LOCKED. and i danced too -- my inner pop tart would come to life and shock the hell out of everybody. if we'd had the internet and web cams... the thought kind of horrifies me, though i'm sitting here feeling as though i missed out on a huge opportunity to broadcast my pop fabulousness to the world.

because i don't have any now, that's for sure. sigh.

damn growing older! i want an alternate universe where all the good things about the 80s are miraculously combined with today's miraculous technology. ohhh... i think i just figured out what to do with juniorhighdreams.com :)

3/14/2006 11:19 PM  
Blogger *g said...

lol. We are clearly the only people who 1)read the blog 2)read the comments.

I need to transfer some of my video geekiness from VHS to DVD. Spanish class was never the same after my family got a video cam. "Chica de Cereal", a classic. My Oscar clip was the reinactment of the Salem Witch trials and witch hunting, shot on location, in my parent's tub.

3/14/2006 11:47 PM  

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