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Just another Manic Monday

The Academy Awards have come and gone with the same bang and fizzle one experiences after any overly hyped event. The real winner seemed to be George Clooney because it appears that every man and woman alike in Hollywood has a crush on him. It might be a new requirement for a SAG membership, along with converting to Scientology. I’d love it if the Academy would stop patting its back about being so liberal and forward thinking. One glance at the audience made me wonder if J.Lo and Marc Anthony (and the peppered few others) were invited to give the façade that Hollywood welcomes minorities with palatable roles, or to keep the clapping during Dolly Parton’s number on beat. Oh no, I di'n't....

And what was up with all the gay jokes? Is the Academy (who are so proud of Brokeback Mountain, Capote, and Transamerica) really that uncomfortable about it? I think I will go back to fondly ignoring the show next year.

On the subject of TV shows:
If the words “I’m Doug, and I’m outta heeeeere” or if the names Barry and Lavone make you think of a whole lot of pudding; Sign a petition to get The State distributed on DVD. Rumor has it that it will be out on iTunes sometime in the future.

I am bummed that IT Crowd seems to have either finished its series of new episodes or has been cancelled. In the meantime, my new British addiction is reminiscent of the filmstrips we used to watch in elementary school. While on the subject of old gadgets…I really want one of these, just for kitsch value and to get all those old mixtapes into my iTunes library.

Have you seen House of Cosbys? Watch it while you can. Apparently the Cos does not have a sense of humor anymore and is trying to get the creator to cease-and-desist. Check out episodes 1-4. Bizarre and delightful.

I know this Natalie Portman gansta rap video is all over the place, but when SNL actually does something funny, what do you expect? In case you missed it on the tube, like I did...

Okay, a little gadgetry and i'm outtie:

Baby, it’s cold outside…and my iPod gets cranky when it’s cold. I wonder if an iPod beanie would do the trick. Chances are, it would just keep falling off into the abyss that is my purse.


Blogger kate said...

damn it... all the natalie portman rapping has been whisked off of youtube b/c of copyright infringement. bother. you couldn't choke lazy sunday if you tried, but now they're all infringement up in herrr? for chrissake.

(just pissed because i never watch tv and 99.9% of the time don't regret it at all... and then i actually miss out on something and get cranky. wank.)

3/06/2006 10:15 PM  
Blogger *g said...

I just reposted it from another video site. The link works for now. Watch while you can. I'll keep an eye out to keep it active, but most blogs & sites i've seen have dead linkage.

3/06/2006 11:28 PM  

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