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I'm a Cult Member

It's official. I've lurked on the precipice of geekdom.I've referred to myself as a poser geek. But this past week, I got excited about...code. So, in embarrassment celebration of that; A geek related post. I have to thank Ms. Code Monkey, BozeKitty and the Genius. I think you knew where all this was going when I bought my Mac last year, but i won't accuse you of brain-washing or anything...

That's HOT. (AND just when I was thinking of getting a desktop.)

I'm not a big proponent of the phrase "like a girl", unless it's attached to "kick ass". That said, Bill Gates is kind of girly. It may be an allergic reaction to all the money trees he has in his backyard.

Accessorize with USB. Check out how you look, without even trying it on.



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