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He Said, She Said

You have probably heard of Overheard in New York. It's a website that compiles tidbits of overheard conversations in New York. The site has a new book and has been featured on NPR.

After my friend K8 turned me onto this site phenomenon, I started tuning into conversations around me. What I didn't realize is that lots of other people are doing the same. Then, I saw that DCist was trying to get into the action and also came across a site with overheard conversations in London.

But I had no idea it was a world-wide addiction...

Big U.S. City Represent: Philly, Chicago, San Fran
(Strangely, no LA, but I suppose Us and People have it covered.)
Genre Specific: The Office, Law School
International: Singapore, Nairobi , Dublin ,
Cause Spefic: PETA
Inner Monologue: Post Secret


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