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Greetings from the Planet Fabulous.

My hairdresser thinks that decades from now, when we are all old and decrepit (never!), Madonna will still look better than all of us...and we will realize she's actually an android. The new OUT cover suggests that maybe she is from another galaxy.

And while this 2825(right, Alan?)-year-old fantasizes about looking like a 47-year-old alien, android, popstar...i think these will atleast look nice while sitting on the shelf, gathering dust. I'm an armchair athlete. Just wait until they add the event to the Olympics. I'm going Gold, baby!

This site is totally creepy and yet, sort of fascinating. Giving new meaning to the term, "snot faucet": Warning: Some of the other "innovations" are a bit offensive possibly okay, IF, you are a woman. Clearly the site was designed by some dude. There's a "nurse on staff" that has some, err, *ahem*, special qualifications. Hey, i'm just checking out the webbed extremities and thinking about adding a sixth finger.

V Dub in der haus.

What if the cast of STOMP broke into your apartment?

Just in time for Easter.

For those of you who haven't seen The MySpace Movie.


Blogger kate said...

omg love the vdub commercials -- especially the unpimp via MODERN TREBUCHET (anything with a trebuchet is great in my book). peter stormare is such a weirdo -- he's laughing all the way to the generically european bank.

3/08/2006 11:30 AM  

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