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G! Fashion Files

Art imitating life. Or, at least the accessibility of Prada on my salary.

Marc Jacobs new Spring-must-have accessory: rent boy.

I have been wanting to post this story about Naomi Campbell, but it was old. Then I remembered that, "Black don't Crack", so I figured it's just as good as new news. Speaking of crack... "This area will be available shortly for official press media content.":



Blogger kate said...

brilliant: "she can say whatever the hell she wants, because she's rich and terrifying, kinda like a werewolf winning the lottery"

and lately she and andre leon talley have been roaming the world together, which is equally frightening, because he is fashion frankenstein (huge, freaky looking, oddly lovable).

3/15/2006 7:21 AM  

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