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Fun with Face Recognition

Okay, you've been forewarned. If you get addicted to this, I am in no way responsible. We'll blame it on Cat Morley. As a side note, her blog is full of lots of fun, creative projects. You might get addicted to it, as well.

Holy poo! Get ready to get hooked on some cyber crack.

My results celeb cousins: (No SJP!!!)
Demi Moore 71%;Kareena Kapoor 71%;Janie Tienphosuwan 67%;Molly Ringwald 66%;Preity Zinta 64%;Elisha Cuthbert 61%;Aretha Franklin 58%;Sarah Silverman 58%;Suzanne Vega 53%;Sam Cooke 63%;Chiang Kai Shek 59%;Lionel Richie 58%;Anthony Kiedis 52%

Did you know that Madonna is (for real) celeb cousins with Celine Dion and Camilla? She may not want to be after seeing this.

Oh, Spence! He's a self-named paleosexologist.*gush* Is, it hot in here, or is it just him?

On the subject of DNA...well, *blush* I sort of was!...PBS's African American Lives is a fascinating series. It's one of those series, that if you happen to catch a marathon(like I did), you can kiss your day goodbye.


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