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Damn, Sophia. I'm sucked in already with the costumes, the hair, the Schwartzman AND then you add the New Order. You have my ten dollars.

What is Wes Anderson working on these days?

I'm good with voices, not faces.

Heh heh. A (sort of) similar approach to what the South Park boys did. The Super Adventure Club's mission makes this story that much creepier.

The leprechaun comes out at night. (Thanks, Ryan!)


Blogger kate said...

woman, that trailer's been out for ages. yep, darling sophia scores big points by casting kirsten so period and by freshening the whole thing up and capturing the youthful undercurrents of energy with the new order and general 80s nod via the title style, etc. but what we all should REALLY be wondering is if it's going to be any damn good. personally, i think jason peaked at rushmore. i think he's been dismal since. lol, of course, maybe he could have redeemed himself had we ever made it to shopgirl. and kirsten... she's either going to knock it out of the park or tank miserably. i guess we'll see.

and btw, wes anderson is working on a cartoon -- the fantastic mr. fox. your boy jason is supposed to be in it, though it's all still just rumors.

3/26/2006 10:30 AM  

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