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Recently, I stumbled across several paintings that I absolutely adored and wanted so badly for my apartment. Unfortunately, the cost of each piece, let alone all of them, was a bit dear for my (excuse my filthy mouth)"budget". I was wondering amongst friends whether or not a $300-500 piece is a good investment for someone who is trying to upgrade from posters, tape and the hodge podge of framed work postcards.

David Sedaris wrote a great piece about the non-curator collecting art.(Thanks, k8!)

Badges are the new t-shirt. They are also a wee bit of portable, wearable art and a throw back to the '80s.

H&M joins Urban Outfitters in being evil.

Photography is one of the many artistic ventures I keep brushing aside. I've been on a fairly consistent creativity kick over the last couple of months. Maybe I should buy one of these while I am on the up and up.


Blogger kate said...

lol i thought the next step up was to peel the tape off the back and pay to have the fraying posters framed.

3/27/2006 11:46 AM  

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