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Eggs Eggs Eggs

I have been coming across so many posts about eggs. Even ninja eggs . Or egg-shaped things. Is it subliminal Easter marketing?

DIY Easter Treats .

Holy Peeps, that's gross.

Edible Grass.

Humpty Dumpty digs Radiohead. He has a great fall, but Thom Yorke softens the blow.

Gimme Gear, or Gimme Death

Now I wish I wouldn't have thrown out my old keyboard.

The better to grow my Buddha belly with.


. Perfect for when you are confronted with a danceoff. It could happen.

New phonographers.


Bees Knees

I *heart* words. Word games, quick wit and spelling bees for me, please. Sadly, I am way too reliant on spell-check these days to participate.

If you have never seen Spellbound, I recommend renting it. Afterwards, you'll know why the National Spelling Bee is on ESPN.



Cute, but mostly creepy. I hope I am never in the market for human interaction replacement products. Alice Wang's Pet Plus.

So wrong.

Shampoo. Not exactly what I think of when I think of vanilla.

I would never buy this product. The story doesn't sell the name. The chicken-ass dispenser store display isn't doing the product any favors. As a lip gloss junkie, I am appalled.


Lego Maniac

I'm really happy to see that even in times when there are so many high tech distractions kids er, people are still having fun with Legos. I used to be such a Lego maniac. My friend Alisha had a whole Lego town in her basement. When I moved away Alisha and Legoville, I tried to recreate a similar town in my room, but it just wasn't the same. I still won't let my mom throw out the box of my old Legos. lol.

Legos break into the art world. If only Warhol and Basquiat had visited Legoville. It would have really mixed things up.

Make your own lego person.

wow. What do these people do for a living that they have that much free time?

The Brick Testament.

I always did want to go to Legoland. I'll add it to the list of things to never forgive my parents for.

Got Game?

Got some time to kill? If not-STEP AWAY FROM THIS POST.

Sopranos Sudoku.

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto...claw.


Gaming is Brain Food. I'm just going to ignore that small comment about the dubiousness of this theory. I already have Brain Age on my Amazon Wishlist.

Computer Concert

Arctic Monkeys via NPR.


Artsy Fartsy

Recently, I stumbled across several paintings that I absolutely adored and wanted so badly for my apartment. Unfortunately, the cost of each piece, let alone all of them, was a bit dear for my (excuse my filthy mouth)"budget". I was wondering amongst friends whether or not a $300-500 piece is a good investment for someone who is trying to upgrade from posters, tape and the hodge podge of framed work postcards.

David Sedaris wrote a great piece about the non-curator collecting art.(Thanks, k8!)

Badges are the new t-shirt. They are also a wee bit of portable, wearable art and a throw back to the '80s.

H&M joins Urban Outfitters in being evil.

Photography is one of the many artistic ventures I keep brushing aside. I've been on a fairly consistent creativity kick over the last couple of months. Maybe I should buy one of these while I am on the up and up.

Knowledge is Power...For Real

Heat Vision and Jack. Kind of like Knight Rider on a motorcycle, but with Tom Jones singing the cheesy theme song, Jack Black as our hero and because Ben Stiller directed it, the obligatory casting of his wife and Owen Wilson. I think Fox might have screwed up. Shocker.


Big Screen little screen

Damn, Sophia. I'm sucked in already with the costumes, the hair, the Schwartzman AND then you add the New Order. You have my ten dollars.

What is Wes Anderson working on these days?

I'm good with voices, not faces.

Heh heh. A (sort of) similar approach to what the South Park boys did. The Super Adventure Club's mission makes this story that much creepier.

The leprechaun comes out at night. (Thanks, Ryan!)


I'm a Cult Member

It's official. I've lurked on the precipice of geekdom.I've referred to myself as a poser geek. But this past week, I got excited about...code. So, in embarrassment celebration of that; A geek related post. I have to thank Ms. Code Monkey, BozeKitty and the Genius. I think you knew where all this was going when I bought my Mac last year, but i won't accuse you of brain-washing or anything...

That's HOT. (AND just when I was thinking of getting a desktop.)

I'm not a big proponent of the phrase "like a girl", unless it's attached to "kick ass". That said, Bill Gates is kind of girly. It may be an allergic reaction to all the money trees he has in his backyard.

Accessorize with USB. Check out how you look, without even trying it on.



Working For The Weekend

Fun with TPS reports.

Even superheros get tired of the daily minutia. So, you might want to give it a second thought before jumping in.

If you slack, just make sure you don't get caught.

The real cost of corporate veal. It's always better to laugh, when the other choice is to cry.


Please Don't Be My Neighbor

This is frightening, but I suppose knowledge is power. I found out I have 2 rapists living down the street from me. Should I be more concerned about that or the neighborhood terrorist?


Puff Puff Pass

Hollywood's stoners make a movie about drug use that audiences can watch while stoned and have an epiphany about drugs.Duuude.

That said, I'll see it to check out the awesome live-action rotoscopic animation. I'm a fan. I am REALLY looking forward to this.


Fun with Face Recognition

Okay, you've been forewarned. If you get addicted to this, I am in no way responsible. We'll blame it on Cat Morley. As a side note, her blog is full of lots of fun, creative projects. You might get addicted to it, as well.

Holy poo! Get ready to get hooked on some cyber crack.

My results celeb cousins: (No SJP!!!)
Demi Moore 71%;Kareena Kapoor 71%;Janie Tienphosuwan 67%;Molly Ringwald 66%;Preity Zinta 64%;Elisha Cuthbert 61%;Aretha Franklin 58%;Sarah Silverman 58%;Suzanne Vega 53%;Sam Cooke 63%;Chiang Kai Shek 59%;Lionel Richie 58%;Anthony Kiedis 52%

Did you know that Madonna is (for real) celeb cousins with Celine Dion and Camilla? She may not want to be after seeing this.

Oh, Spence! He's a self-named paleosexologist.*gush* Is, it hot in here, or is it just him?

On the subject of DNA...well, *blush* I sort of was!...PBS's African American Lives is a fascinating series. It's one of those series, that if you happen to catch a marathon(like I did), you can kiss your day goodbye.


Find out the real reason Pac-Man was running from ghosts.

Name that Tune.

So much better than Burgertime. Hai!

It's not easy being a vacuum green. (Thanks, K8!)

We will destroy you.

March Spawned a Mozzer

Morrissey could have been laughing all the way to the bank, but then again, laughing never really was his forte. I suppose it would have been a bit much to have both Queens of Pop at the same event.

Looks like Moz is back in good form.

Bring the Concert to your Couch.

I think I this is a really great and brave idea. I've seen Cynthia perform live. Along with her original pieces , she performs some fun jazz numbers too. I would recommend inviting her into your home. Her live show is great and would make for a fun evening.

It would also be a great excuse to buy these. How often can you accessorize with your tableware? :P


Pimp My Plane

You might have to pass a liberal eugenics screening before boarding this plane...to make sure you fit into the design concept. I imagine this is the kind of plane used by the genetically engineered upperclass of Gattaca, or how people (supposedly) travelled to The Island. It looks cool, but not terribly comfortable.

I like the idea of using a pillow which I KNOW is clean. An added bonus: not having to smell the person next to me, which unfortunately, I usually KNOW is not.

So, this is why all airplanes have the same Eau de Coach Class?


He Said, She Said

You have probably heard of Overheard in New York. It's a website that compiles tidbits of overheard conversations in New York. The site has a new book and has been featured on NPR.

After my friend K8 turned me onto this site phenomenon, I started tuning into conversations around me. What I didn't realize is that lots of other people are doing the same. Then, I saw that DCist was trying to get into the action and also came across a site with overheard conversations in London.

But I had no idea it was a world-wide addiction...

Big U.S. City Represent: Philly, Chicago, San Fran
(Strangely, no LA, but I suppose Us and People have it covered.)
Genre Specific: The Office, Law School
International: Singapore, Nairobi , Dublin ,
Cause Spefic: PETA
Inner Monologue: Post Secret

Yes, Please.

Top of the Morn'

Some people have angels, some people have devils, some have their mothers and some have angry Leprechauns on their shoulder...

Ralph says:
"That's where I saw the leprechaun... he told me to burn things!!"

Happy Feckin' Saint Patrick's Day!

Hyperlinkage and The Evolution of the Species

Between work and my free time (short that it may be), I process a ridiculous amount of information on a daily basis. My Hyper Link posts are a very small percentage of what I actually come across during my web surfing. I consider myself someone with a great deal of focus, when I choose to exert it. I definitely would not consider myself as someone who has Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD), however, I do have my moments of sensory overload. More and more I find myself feeling like I don't have enough time in the day to get everything done and yet, I'm constantly multi-tasking. This piece from Esoteric Rabbit Films discusses the idea that ADD could be less of a disorder, but rather, the next step in human evolution. I'm not sure if I buy into this theory, but I find its suggestion very interesting. I'd sit here and chat with you about it but I am cooking a snack, watching tv, blogging and getting ready for work tomorrow. Maybe some other time? I'll see if I can fit it in.


I lek long walks on the beach

The Lek.com :
I can only hope that other episodes will follow. I think the casting is great and the costume designer rocks.

Another site that isn't eHarmony.

Even nerds need love. And Sith Lords too.



The 2006 Bloggies were just announced. Of the winners, I am happy to say that i've clicked a few.

Veg Coup!

Vegan Lunch Box. If I had a time machine, I would trade lunches with little Schmoo. Hell, he probably has a wait list for the mere chance that he'd think about trading. I hope his mom comes out with a cookbook, so I can pretend that I am going to make wonderful, homemade, healthy lunches, and not give a large chunk of my salary to the local vegan cafe. And how cool is the lunchbox she uses? It's like a portable bento box!

G! Fashion Files

Art imitating life. Or, at least the accessibility of Prada on my salary.

Marc Jacobs new Spring-must-have accessory: rent boy.

I have been wanting to post this story about Naomi Campbell, but it was old. Then I remembered that, "Black don't Crack", so I figured it's just as good as new news. Speaking of crack... "This area will be available shortly for official press media content.":



March (3.14)159265, 2006

Happy Pi Day! I recommend celebrating by watching the movie.

A valuable, cautionary tale...a catchy little tune as well.

March Madness
: It's all about the backup dancer.
My pick. More madness here. I gotta get a webcam...

...don't worry, i'm kidding.

Cookin' with the Cult


WTF? Umm, How are people buying into this?

Heh. heh.



Shake What Yo' Mama Gave Ya

I stumbled across these three wonderful little podcasts. They are more like virtual mixtapes than podcasts.

Not your cup of tea? Need to put a little more bass in your bump?

Collection getting blah? Need new tunes?

This is a great tool to spice up your itunes player-gives it a bit of a jukebox feel.

Do you remember when MTV used to play videos? Do you remember when VH1 used to be for old people? Yeah, i used to be young, too. Let's watch some videos and rock out. Madonna doesn't look age defying because she sat on her arse. Thirty is the new twenty, anyway, right?RIGHT?!?!?!

Music snobs unite . Love it.

I am woman, hear me roar-while I knit.

This article in Slate is upsetting. I understand the author's point about being paralyzed by opportunity, but I don’t necessarily equate this problem solely to women. I think it could be an American or possibly even a Western problem. Or maybe it’s just me?

Speaking of traditional vs. non-traditional, young women seem to be embracing the feminine rolescrafts that their grandmothers (and their grandmothers) set forth. Most of these new titles clearly state that they are NOT your grandmother’s (insert name of craft) book. I am on the hunt for a sewing book that is not de mi abuela.

And in a totally non-gender-biased, equal opportunity creative realm; this is my kind of DIY book. (RR, I think this is JUST what you are looking for, no?)


The Saturday Post

No need to make shadow puppets if you have one of these. Actually, you could make a make a shadow dog to bark at the birds. What, you don't do that anymore?

I don't use toothpicks, but this could get me started. Swag of human hair and Berlitz's "Learn to Speak in Tongues" not included.

Oh, Japan. Can you do any wrong? You complete me my inner child. Aw, say it isn't so...How could you? The horror.

Does this look comfortable to you? I wonder how many Fruit of the Loom spokesfruit had to be killed to make one of these...*sigh*

This is THE STUPIDEST idea EVER. Any one who has the patience to put all the pieces back in the alarm, does not need an extreme alarm. In my apartment this would be a weapon of mass destruction. I pity da foo' who would be in the room when i woke up to that. Or the person whose car window would have a new puzzle alarm clock installed, with love, from five stories up. I'm serious about my sleep, bitch.

The Gift of Books or Spring Cleaning Cause

The New Orleans Public Library is Seeking Book Donations

The New Orleans Public Library is asking for any and all hardcover and paperback books for people of all ages in an effort to restock the shelves after Hurricane Katrina. The staff will assess which titles will be designated for its collections. All other books will be distributed to destitute families or sold for library fundraising. They will accept all media except magazines. The library is specifically looking for newer books to add to their collection and they will of course accept cash donations.

Please send your books to:
Rica A. Trigs, Public Relations
New Orleans Public Library
219 Loyola Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70112

If you tell the post office that they are for the library in New Orleans, they will give you the library rate which is slightly less than the book rate.

How to make a cash donation:
1) You can make a cash or credit card donation.
2) You can also request a bookplate.


Crackin' Cheese, Hoff!

I'm coining a new term:
mentos [`men-tōs]
describing an object or activity that is so super cheesy that it reeks of German advertising.

David Hasselhoff's body of work is so mentos.

Not to be mistaken with Mentos, (note capital "M"). Mentos have the awesome power to get ANYONE , who enthusiastically pulls the candy out of their pocket and pops one into their mouth, out of ANY sticky situation. DooDooDooDooDooDooDoowAHHHHHHH!

Reading Rainbow

This Slate article has me interested in Octavia Butler's work. Slate's description of her reminds me of someone....

"She once described herself as "a pessimist, a feminist always, a Black Latina, a quiet egoist, a former Baptist non-believing Catholic, and an oil-and-water combination of ambition, laziness, insecurity, certainty, and drive."

Reading DNA.

Can someone explain Zadie Smith's stardom in the literary world to me? I STILL can't get through White Teeth, although I have picked it up and read (parts of) it many times.

Homeland Biometrics. Just do your best to take a pretty picture.


Any Questions?

This is Harry Potter.

This is Harry Potter on Drugs.

Greetings from the Planet Fabulous.

My hairdresser thinks that decades from now, when we are all old and decrepit (never!), Madonna will still look better than all of us...and we will realize she's actually an android. The new OUT cover suggests that maybe she is from another galaxy.

And while this 2825(right, Alan?)-year-old fantasizes about looking like a 47-year-old alien, android, popstar...i think these will atleast look nice while sitting on the shelf, gathering dust. I'm an armchair athlete. Just wait until they add the event to the Olympics. I'm going Gold, baby!

This site is totally creepy and yet, sort of fascinating. Giving new meaning to the term, "snot faucet": Warning: Some of the other "innovations" are a bit offensive possibly okay, IF, you are a woman. Clearly the site was designed by some dude. There's a "nurse on staff" that has some, err, *ahem*, special qualifications. Hey, i'm just checking out the webbed extremities and thinking about adding a sixth finger.

V Dub in der haus.

What if the cast of STOMP broke into your apartment?

Just in time for Easter.

For those of you who haven't seen The MySpace Movie.


I'm Not One to Gossip..BUT...

Where's Waldo Jake? Totally Ta-rashed in the background. Not ready to quit him just yet.

Wow, look what's on the cutting room floor: Brokeback Mountain via Bollywood.

Kate Moss has the world's most expensive stash box.

#1 thing you don't want to hear your dad say: "If you weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating you" Eek. CREEPY. I don't care how many ponies he could buy me. *barf* I have to shower now....

Rock Out With Your Wand Out

I had no idea there was this whole Harry Potter indie rock genre. My favorites are The Hermoine Crookshanks Experience and Harry and the Potters.


Just another Manic Monday

The Academy Awards have come and gone with the same bang and fizzle one experiences after any overly hyped event. The real winner seemed to be George Clooney because it appears that every man and woman alike in Hollywood has a crush on him. It might be a new requirement for a SAG membership, along with converting to Scientology. I’d love it if the Academy would stop patting its back about being so liberal and forward thinking. One glance at the audience made me wonder if J.Lo and Marc Anthony (and the peppered few others) were invited to give the façade that Hollywood welcomes minorities with palatable roles, or to keep the clapping during Dolly Parton’s number on beat. Oh no, I di'n't....

And what was up with all the gay jokes? Is the Academy (who are so proud of Brokeback Mountain, Capote, and Transamerica) really that uncomfortable about it? I think I will go back to fondly ignoring the show next year.

On the subject of TV shows:
If the words “I’m Doug, and I’m outta heeeeere” or if the names Barry and Lavone make you think of a whole lot of pudding; Sign a petition to get The State distributed on DVD. Rumor has it that it will be out on iTunes sometime in the future.

I am bummed that IT Crowd seems to have either finished its series of new episodes or has been cancelled. In the meantime, my new British addiction is reminiscent of the filmstrips we used to watch in elementary school. While on the subject of old gadgets…I really want one of these, just for kitsch value and to get all those old mixtapes into my iTunes library.

Have you seen House of Cosbys? Watch it while you can. Apparently the Cos does not have a sense of humor anymore and is trying to get the creator to cease-and-desist. Check out episodes 1-4. Bizarre and delightful.

I know this Natalie Portman gansta rap video is all over the place, but when SNL actually does something funny, what do you expect? In case you missed it on the tube, like I did...

Okay, a little gadgetry and i'm outtie:

Baby, it’s cold outside…and my iPod gets cranky when it’s cold. I wonder if an iPod beanie would do the trick. Chances are, it would just keep falling off into the abyss that is my purse.


My baloney has a first name...O-S-C-A-R


1998 was the last year I watched the Hollywood popularity lovefest called "The Academy Awards". I almost pulled an Elvis on my tv when Cate Blanchett did not win Best Actress for Elizabeth. These days I just tune into the magazines for the fabulous and wrong things the celebrities wear to their masturbatory ball...and to get a list of movies that I either want to avoid at all costs, or remind myself to rent. (The folks at IFC clearly have great minds.)

If you are going to an Oscar party, find yourself a date or your inner movie character. Don't forget your TVgasm Oscar poll.(Thanks, K8!) Frankly, I don't give a damn about the whole thing.


California dreamin'

Shut yo' mouth. I wanted to go..but..Now I REALLY want to go.

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