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I do not *heart* Mondays

David Beckham's Skull v.s the Soccerball: Which has more air in it? Scary to think that Posh is the smart one in the couple. If you haven't seen their interview with Ali G yet, treat yourself.Check dis!

Speaking of Spice Girls, here's Mel C's mini-me, Lady Sovereign. Make way for the S.O.V. I love how the little cockney corrects drrty south grammar.

I really want to participate in this experiment. But the fine print bums me out:

"The entire online process is completely anonymous so no one, including project scientists, will ever be able to access your results."

I wouldn't mind sitting down with Spencer Wells to discuss my lineage over a glass of wine. Do you think this has a date option? If you haven't already seen it, I highly recommend The Journey of Man documentary about Wells' original expedition to trace Man's history through DNA. Spencer Wells-the man, the mystery...of Man....heh heh*sigh*

What the hell is going on? Rockstar Conspiracy ? 2 more years to move backward 56 years? And while I am on my soap box...33 years? This is frightening.Okay, I'm stepping off the soapbox for now...

LED Throwies make me happy. kind of like a portable, chaotic Lite Brite. Fun times with light graffiti.

I miss BORF. He made my commute fun. I am not a fan of random tagging, but i love me some thoughtful graffiti...in moderation. I understand why people get annoyed, but this guy is over the top. Nerd alert!!! A 46-year-old man should not still be and/or admit that he's a boy scout. Oh, excuse me, EAGLE boy scout. He'd probably be the type to correct me.


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