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Give it a go

Here's my first attempt at the blognomena....

Let There be Light. Recycled tube light, that is.

And speaking of light...Here's a fun geeky experiment project: Make your own camera obscura.

Why don't they sell these MAME cabinets at Ikea?

[Get your own]

This Charming Man a threat? Free Speech is Dead. His response makes me love him that much more.

Meanwhile, Jake does his best Moz impression.

So endearing. He had me at Donnie Darko. Make this a Spiderman movie and I can die a woman with a very happy inner gay man. No, really, it'll be okay. This is powered by tofu. Eff yeah.

It would only be a matter of time before middle class white kids embrace this label *sigh* And i thought "Spic Fag Hag" was such a great name for my clothing line. Better rethink it.

Why hasn't Marc Jacobs realized me as his next muse? Clearly, he's searching for another look at the moment.eek.

Aw, throw Carrot Top...the stoner...a gold medalist a bone.Well, okay, actually it looks like a lot of women are. Good on him. One for the geeky kid. Bet he thanks his lucky stars each day that he picked up a board.

Okay, now the sun is up. Maybe i can get some sleep. My work here is done.


Blogger kate said...

Ha, nice. Welcome to the bloggerdome, woman!
Meg White, what a fright!

2/26/2006 11:11 AM  

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