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Midnight Devil's Hour Snack Edition

Dining in the dark is an interesting concept for food enthusiasts, albeit a bit daring for those with food allergies.

Although it's not very popular to love bread these days, I absolutely refuse to give it up. Hmm, maybe why i am NOT a Hollywood starlet? This actually freaks me out way too much. A loaf of bread shaped like a human. Ew. I'll pass on this one, thanks.

What doesn't McDonald's get about makingfrench fries? It's 2 4 ingredients.Potatoes, Vegetable Oil and Salt and Vinegar. *sigh*


I do not *heart* Mondays

David Beckham's Skull v.s the Soccerball: Which has more air in it? Scary to think that Posh is the smart one in the couple. If you haven't seen their interview with Ali G yet, treat yourself.Check dis!

Speaking of Spice Girls, here's Mel C's mini-me, Lady Sovereign. Make way for the S.O.V. I love how the little cockney corrects drrty south grammar.

I really want to participate in this experiment. But the fine print bums me out:

"The entire online process is completely anonymous so no one, including project scientists, will ever be able to access your results."

I wouldn't mind sitting down with Spencer Wells to discuss my lineage over a glass of wine. Do you think this has a date option? If you haven't already seen it, I highly recommend The Journey of Man documentary about Wells' original expedition to trace Man's history through DNA. Spencer Wells-the man, the mystery...of Man....heh heh*sigh*

What the hell is going on? Rockstar Conspiracy ? 2 more years to move backward 56 years? And while I am on my soap box...33 years? This is frightening.Okay, I'm stepping off the soapbox for now...

LED Throwies make me happy. kind of like a portable, chaotic Lite Brite. Fun times with light graffiti.

I miss BORF. He made my commute fun. I am not a fan of random tagging, but i love me some thoughtful graffiti...in moderation. I understand why people get annoyed, but this guy is over the top. Nerd alert!!! A 46-year-old man should not still be and/or admit that he's a boy scout. Oh, excuse me, EAGLE boy scout. He'd probably be the type to correct me.


Give it a go

Here's my first attempt at the blognomena....

Let There be Light. Recycled tube light, that is.

And speaking of light...Here's a fun geeky experiment project: Make your own camera obscura.

Why don't they sell these MAME cabinets at Ikea?

[Get your own]

This Charming Man a threat? Free Speech is Dead. His response makes me love him that much more.

Meanwhile, Jake does his best Moz impression.

So endearing. He had me at Donnie Darko. Make this a Spiderman movie and I can die a woman with a very happy inner gay man. No, really, it'll be okay. This is powered by tofu. Eff yeah.

It would only be a matter of time before middle class white kids embrace this label *sigh* And i thought "Spic Fag Hag" was such a great name for my clothing line. Better rethink it.

Why hasn't Marc Jacobs realized me as his next muse? Clearly, he's searching for another look at the moment.eek.

Aw, throw Carrot Top...the stoner...a gold medalist a bone.Well, okay, actually it looks like a lot of women are. Good on him. One for the geeky kid. Bet he thanks his lucky stars each day that he picked up a board.

Okay, now the sun is up. Maybe i can get some sleep. My work here is done.

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