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David Hasselhoff.
Aware of his camp appeal or just delusional?
He may not even know himself.

For those of you in the UK*, there's Hoffworld. I recommend steering clear from the chest hair. Don't say I didn't warn you. It's the least I can do since my various Hoff posts may only be adding feul to the fire.

*I was able to access it from the US earlier this evening, but according to the website, it is now only accessible from the UK.
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Music Makes The People Come Together

Beyonce's fans petition to reshoot her latest video. It looks like she was channeling a Shakira video and then decided to mix in some naughty home video bits with Jay-Z.

Madonna fans petition for more U.S. radio play.

And while on the subject...
My summer has come and (almost) gone without attending The Confessions Tour. I was warned that I might regret not going. This article makes me wonder if I should have seen Madonna in concert before it is too late. (Although, I don't know if a time will come when she will cease to rock pop.)

Even though NBC is broadcasting the concert later this Fall, surely network television will not capture all the essential nuances (crucifixtion reenactments, anti-Bush slurs, crotch grabbing and random dry humping) that make up a Madonna performance. It should be interesting to see what demographic the commercials are geared towards. I'm sure the show will be commercial heavy with a price tag like this.


Skull symbolism.

Draw the pirate.

Piratical resources and Talk like a Pirate
have links for all your pirate needs.

Puzzle Pirates. A gaming community for pirates.

[Bai Ling Via Gilded Moose]

day-lab is currently featuring many pirate treasures:
Pirate shirts with poofy sleeves. Pirate ship necklaces.Scimitar Brooches. ...and that's only naming a handful of the booty available on the


N is For Nerd

The glorious sound of Pi.

The Visual Thesaurus. An interactive dictionary and thesaurus![via]

Nerd ABC's.

It's more than likely you've seen the Human Space Invaders stop-motion video that has been floating around..but have you seen Crate Tetris?


All Covered Up

CoverFlow-Flip through your iTunes Jukebox like...well, a jukebox.

Name that album-Cover Art Challenge. Can you guess the names of the artists and albums without artist and title information?

If for some reason you have been living in a cave and you haven't seen Virgin Digital's Exercise your Music Muscle poster and video, here's something else to ponder.

The Gossip covers Aaliyah. Babygirl, i totally feel it.


Always reliable for some interesting gems.



He Lives:
Jeremy Kost's RoidRage brings back a bit of Warhol flavor to the current paparazzi scene.

The Andy Warholas take Manhattan by storm. I wonder how much they paid for their wigs...probably not
$10, 800.00.

For those of us who do not have 11G to burn, Loop offers a much more affordable piece of the icon.

ReadyMade gives guidance on how you can acheive a Warhol.
(Thanks, k8! x3)

Warhol generator. Click the wee box to the right.Voila, Technicolor!

Death Cab For Andy. Toronto's Art Gallery of Ontario has a clever way of promoting their Supernova: Stars, Death and Disasters Warhol exhibit.

He Blogs. Err...at least someone is blogging his diaries.


Don't You Know Who I Am? The Hoff.

Don't Hassel The Hoff. He's too busy being in love with himself. Or getting into bizarre shaving accidents. Or beating his wife. Or being self important. What a Hasshole!

Check out his video, "Jump in My Car." He's actually rocking a "Don't Hassel the Hoff" shirt in the video. It's a painfully humorous joyride in which KITT pulls himself out of his european retirement and whores himself out for a bit of spotlight. Must be a publicity stunt. Stay tuned for some serious white man overbite action happening at the 1 minute mark.

How is this man a judge on a talent show? Oh yeah. The Germans. Or Maybe he's Satan? In which case, yeah. I wouldn't Hassel the Hoff.


Transcending the Page

Reading is Sexy: The Kama Sutra of Reading.

When books and music meet:
Literature inspired songs.
Book/Band name mashup.

Book art:
Books as sculpture.
Books as accessories.

1. A continuous strand of twisted threads of natural or synthetic material, such as wool or nylon, used in weaving or knitting.
2. Informal. A long, often elaborate narrative of real or fictitious adventures; an entertaining tale.
3.All of the above.

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